Are you ready to discover news in Odoo 11?

Part one

Fabie Pinckaers and his coleques from Odoo kept the tention to the last moment. During this year, they published only a general list of news for the new version of Odoo which was: „Odoo 11 – even more user friendly and faster“ which gave relatively large space for imagination. Especially for our customers. We faced questions such as: "How does it look like with projects, CRM, sales, timesheets,…?“ when we had the same information as you. Anyhow, it is out and it is awesome!

300% improved speed


They did it! On average, Odoo 11 is 3 times faster than Odoo 10 - and the gap is even bigger depending on the size of the database!

And what about the improvement of user satisfaction? From the home page to the Kanban and form views, the chatter and even the reports, every interface is ’pixel perfect’.

The interface has been improved in order to fit perfectly into every working environment, fonts are cleaner and colours are more pure and bright.

New look. New feel.


New Apps

Finally, an Odoo release is never complete without new, exciting apps. This year, Odoo developed new tools that will help you to scale and automate your business processes while reducing your workload.

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Online Appointment

Odoo Online Appointment is an easy-to-use scheduling solution which allows your clients to self-book their own appointment online based on your real-time availability. You can easily publish appointment on your Odoo website in one click. This tool is fully synchronized with your Google Calendar.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is perfect for lead nurturing and automating lead management. Registration confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups for events can be managed on autopilot. Great tool for any department to automate any business flow.


In case of e-commerce, a wish list, new coupons & promotions program system, administration of warehouses on which products are available, comparison of products according to their different attributes and the creation of new dashboard for KPI indicator were created.


Page builder for web pages went through considerable improvement too. Compared to Odoo 10, the URL is new custom-made, there is a bettered selection of individual motives, simplified configuration of initial settings, new Less/CSS editor and better customer portal, where is it now possible to set up different conduct for B2B and B2C customers.


Warehouses went through refactoring, the efficiency and robustness of the module went higher, the appearance was simplified, the reports change and for foreign customers, a new improvement of the connector on UPS and FedEx appeared.


Helpdesk is still available only for Enterprise edition. Timesheets are news, which are possible to embody under separate tickets, possibility to invoice under support contracts and to unite duplicated tickets. With the help of short cuts, it is now possible to shift a customer question from chat to ticket.


Those, who were expecting the improvement of module Projects, can be pleased too.

An improved dashboard got into projects together with the possibility to assign a task to the item on chosen order, to unify duplicities and to create sub-tasks.

For us is the best new feature a new report of costs of your project.

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Odoo App for iOS

To android application was made a mobile application for iOS, which will please every Apple user.

The iOS users will finally be able to take their work out of the office and work on the go from their iPhone. Odoo has released a new Mobile app optimized for any iOS device, providing iPhone users with the next level of flexibility for their business management software.

You can download the Odoo app for iOS here.

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Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

There are many new functions and improved and simplified processes, but let´s leave it for another article or video!

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