Choice of New ERP Solution

Step by Step


      What is an ERP system?

      ERP (Enterprise Enterprise Resource Planning). ERP is the designation of a system by which the company manages and integrates all or most of its business activities, such as planning, inventory, purchasing, sales, marketing, finance, human resources,

      What is a CRM system?

      The meaning of the CRM abbreviation is Customer Relationship Management. CRM helps you to collect all the necessary data about our customers - contact information, invoicing data, overview of their offers and orders, total turnover, turnovers in a certain segment,etc.

      ERP advantages
      • Cost effective

      • Better organization of data

      • More automated administration

      • A quicker management process

      • Data is secured

      • More focus on education

      #1 When Should You Go for a (New) System?

      There will be people who will stand behind the current solution whatever it is about a system they bought several decades ago or the set of MS Office tools. You have to realize that this won´t bring the going forward. 

      If there is at least on answer positive to the following question, then there is the time for a change.

      • You awkwardly work with several separate systems at the same time.

      • You are trying to lead the company of 30 people with the MS Office set. 

      • You are pitifully missing reporting and data evaluation.

      • You grew up out of your current solution.

      • You have an outdated system which is slow and user unfriendly. 

      • You want to gain the competitive advantage.

      • You have high goals and you want to grow. 

      • Expansion on the foreign market awaits you. 

      If you didn´t lose a point then we congratulate you, you have a solution that meets the definition of a modern computer system. But that doesn´t mean that you have won. What about the financial difficulty of the system? Well, we´ll talk about it another time...

      #2 Customised System or a Box Solution?

      By the decision making whether to buy an ERP system, it doesn´t depend on the reality of how big a company you have, but on the complexity and composition of your processes. 

      A box solution, sometimes so called starting solution can be used by companies which are not procedurally complicated or companies that start their business – they expect their growth, but for this moment is this solution sufficient from the point of finances and processes. 

      On the other hand, if you have a vision and you are conscious of the reality that the passing from the box solution must not be always easy (especially if you are leaving an accounting SW) or that the portfolio of the company systems, with which you are working constantly, is growing, it is appropriate to thing about the customised ERP system from the beginning.

      Box Solution


      Lower price

      Simple and financially acceptable solution

      Predefined Processes

      You don´t have to discover the wheel. The system is made for a large scale of companies; basic processes are already set up here. 

      Who is the solution for? 

       „I like the system, we don´t have much complicated company processes. We have a limited budget, which we don´t want to overdraw. We easily adapt to the system.“ 

      Customised System 

      Customised Solution

      Competitive Advantage

      Strong competitive advantage – processes are optimized directly for you.

      Reporting and BI tools

      The magic of every business is the efficient work with data and the possibility to predict.

      Who is the solution for? 

       „We know what we want and we have clearly defined your processes in the company. We gladly wait for the final system. The financial stock is directly proportional to the final comfort and the quality of the processing.“

      #3 Opensource ≠ Free of Charge

      To analyse, if to choose a commerce solution SAP, Oracle or Microsoft or an opensource, we keep it for another time. We would like to emphasize that similar to the rest of the company software (MS Office, project SW, accounting), you definitely cannot put an equator between „open source software“ and „free of charge“- 

      Even if you don´t have to buy expensive licenses, there are still costs for the initial implementation, customisation, as well as for service, ERP solution development and its run on its own servers on by the hosting provider. 

      So by the implementation of Open source solution, there are the same rules as by commerce propriety software: not one step without the analysis and the setup of the project. Not to speak about technically competent people who you need to have in your company, so they could flexibly react to the requirements of the SW supplier. 
      Odoo image and text block

      #4 On Premise or Cloud Solution?

      The key question for this situation is: Do we have a sufficient technological basis for the running of the system or do we not want to take care of the technology and use Cloud? 

      In large corporations, it doesn´t go another way than on-premise. They have their own background and security measures are so high that having data out of the company is impossible – done. 

      On the other hand, why to take care of connectivity, operation, background, HW and pay an intern administrator who would take care of it and hope that he/she self-taught himself/herself and tries to keep the technology in the company updated and on the best possible level.

      Count yourselves how much does an ERP on Cloud and on-premise solution cost. Do you want to know what we offer within our Orgis Hosting? Click here

        #5 Do We Have Money for This?

        This question does not aim at your depository or your savings. It is about people – about your employees and primary about your technical capacities. 

        It doesn´t matter if we talk about your own development or a solution from your implementation partner, you always need to have people in your company who have a really positive knowledge of your processes and are technically competent.

        Do you have a person in your company who will be communicating with the partner and will be solving the submission into the detail and your requirements? This person will take responsibility for the submission and accepting the created work. An Assistant, a book-keeper and storekeeper can contribute their knowledge from praxis in their department, but they won´t ensure the technical background for sure. Think about it.

          Demo Version

          Let the system be shown by your implementation partner, who understands and is capable of showing you the processes in the system. 

          It is a much easier way of solving this topic, instead of getting lost in a bought demo version right after 5 minutes. Maybe you finally refuse the solution which could cost you your attention and the ignorance and unfamiliarity of the inner processes discouraged you.

          We offer the introductory demonstration for free. 

          Just write to us and we make an appointment.
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          #6 Implementation Partner

          You are buying a new system for 5 years at least. Search for a solution that is easy to adapt and which will grow with you. 

          But it is not just about a well chosen product, the implementation partner is important too. The great system is useless if you don´t manage its implementation. Then employees loose the trust in the new solution and system which cost a lot of money and is not being used. You are opening excel again and many notes are everywhere again. Find a reliable partner who ensures that the new system won´t be a trouble. 

          Analysis & Project Management

          Take time to assemble the process analysis with you implementation partner. Determine acceptable criteria, priorities and time table. 

          In Orgis, our analyst will go through your processes to create the analysis. Then, the project manager divides individual requirements from the analysis into sprints (usually 14-day-sections of the development) and you obtain the look into how and which way the project continues.
          Are you looking for skilful analysts or project managers? We help you to find the right one in our team

          #7 Training and Support

          The implementation process does not end with the development and the deployment of the system. For the successful usage, you need to train your employees how to work with it and give him the possibility of support, if they´re troubled. 

          Know the prices for those services to the project and count on them in your expenses. They come back with the satisfaction of your employees. They will happily work with the system and you will gain a large amount of quality data for reporting and business intelligence.

          #8 How to choose best ERP solution

          Each industry is having their business activities which involves Man, Material, Money of that organization. An organization can be profit only if he is able to control, track and trace this activities and resources (Man, Manchine, Money other).

          Scalability. Software ability to grow with your company.

          Flexibility. Ability to meet your different requirements.

          Excess Complexity. The less complexity the more user-friendly.

          Best Technology. Technology should be user-friendly as per the current trend.

          Cost. The total cost of ownership should be cost effective.

          Best Culture. Software and software vendor should be culture friendly.

          ERP system Odoo

          Finally, we have a tip for a amazing opensource solution. It is the ERP system Odoo, which is a module system that overs your company needs from  RM to Inventory or Manufacturing.

          In Orgis IT, we provide hosting, consultations, analysis services, training, support, and customizations.

          I want to know more about ERP Odoo

          Do you have your vision and plan? Let us know about about you and we change it into reality. Call us today or leave us a message and we call you back. 

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