CONTINUATION: Are you ready to discover news in Odoo 11?

Part two

Back to the last article..

We will refer to the introductory article about the News in Odoo 11, but it is only for maintenance of sequence, therefore we mention in a brief summary.

New Applications

and New Design

New Applications

Online meeting planner, marketing automation

New Design

New interface, new animations, more playful environment.


Odoo accelerated (you´ll find how much in the introductory article) 


and Improvements


Mobile application even for bitten apple lovers.


What do you think? Did it stay only in Enterprise edition?

Projects, e-commerce, web sides…

Those modules went through improvements in both editions.

And now we are finally getting to the content of this article. The largest amount of your questions was heading to the CRM module. So the first place in this article belongs to it.


CRM received separate module directly on dashboard. Now, you don´t have to through Sale Module and search in menu.

In the case of changes in planned activities, compared to the previous version, you can establish more activities (call, email, task, etc.) over one interested party (lead) or opportunity – to which we give a thump up because it didn´t make our life much easier. We all know from the praxis, how great is going to be email, call and task planning at once, without waiting for the date and event closure. What a relief!

Pipeline received a now and better look and gamification too. You see yourselves, when you make a really great business, what a lovely thing has Odoo prepared for you.

And one more important notice: Once you will search for the hidden menu with planned activities…take a look at the right upper corner at the watch icon. Perfect simplification of your everyday job with one click – and that counts.

New Pipeline

Red, orange and green. Those are the colours of new pipeline in Odoo. It changes according to the date of the event performing. 

And what more, if you click at individual colours in the chart of given phase, planned events will show automatically at the upper part of the column.

That all thanks to the magic word GAMIFICATION to which Odoo hears quite a lot.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Manufacturing ENTERPRISE

For this app, we disappoint every favourer of Community edition. With the new version, the work order (WO) appears only in the Enterprise edition, as well as manufacturing centres. In this case, the Manufacturing in Community edition got worse.

Nevertheless, in the case of Enterprise edition, there is an improvement of interface for tablets, which are used in individual work centres, and to record of individual work operations.

Now, we have the chance to process other products regardless of what was originally planned and to edit manufacturing orders (MOs) even after finishing.

The reports got better too and we went through a complete code refactoring, which we notice while customising Odoo for you.

PLM stayes available only for Enterprise edition just like in the previous version. The news is that you can combine different ECO, which belong to the same BoM.


Timesheets went through a huge change! Compared to the previous version, where was not possible to set alert for unfilled timesheets for employees or managers, now it is possible to do so. You can even set up a frequecy of how often your comments will be sent. The same enlargement received the timesheet billing settings, billing all or just approved ones? Now, you can easily set up this yourself. This module is available only in ENTERPRISE.

Another change for better is a report of billed versus non-invoiced hours. It gives you a clear overview of the profitability of your projects. But we mentioned this in the previous article, where were described news in the project module that corresponds with this new timesheet extension.

Grid, which allows a flesh view at the reported time, approved vacation or other absences at work included. And how we mentioned in the last article, the working hours on the ticket from the helpdesk module will be inscribed here.. ENTERPRISE


This module is available in the Enterprise module only. In Community module remains only the Invoicing module. Increase the efficiency with the help of one button. Thanks to it you are able to balance accounts and pay several invoices at once.

You can print the invoice proform right from sales orders. Consolidation of accounting diaries. Simple display and overview of all diaries month after month for better readability.

Intuitive setting of basic parameters is possible thanks to the progress bar right at the opening side. 

Further Odoo worked on localization for Mexico, Switzerland, Spain, India, the Netherlands, German, Columbia, USA..

Marketing Campaigns

Except to an improved mailing list and contact management, you wait to see the possibility of contact de-duplication. Further, new motives for your marketing leaflets and campaigns surely please you.


The great shift in PDF files and pictures display is possible within one channel/window. Now, we can zoom in and out the picture, easily browse between pictures or download a picture or a PDF file right from the preview window. In the case of chat, it appears in the form of reduced view in the right bottom bar. There is a possibility of classical view with the help of navigation button for enlargement right in the chat window.

Great news for even greater gamification in Odoo – if you are unable to read all mails and to clean this way your mailbox, a funny animation appears. Just try it :)

To Make It Sort

These were the most important news in Odoo 11. Of course, you find small improvements in every module. In this way, Odoo works really well and is constantly working on improving the whole system and moving forward.

If we should summarize the whole thing - Odoo 11 is really well made! Every user across editions will be delight by the speed increase thanks to the process optimisation, change of appearance and great improvement of CRM, for which we really appreciate a lot.

On the other hand, a significant disadvantage is the diminished production of Community edition and, unfortunately, also the unrealized change in the new „Enterprise“appearance, even for the Community edition. Nevertheless, Odoo again made some big steps and what the competitive advantage concerned; it is at the top between the greatest players in ERP world.

As Odoo partner, we will be happy to advise you, which edition is for you the best. Let us know, we arrange an appointment or call and together we will discuss your wishes and requirements for the new system.
We will be glad to help you with the implementation of Odoo in your company, train your employees and arrange the system configurations. If you have your own processes in the company, procedures you don´t want to change or makes your competitive advantage - We will gladly arrange for you Odoo customization bespoke to your idea.

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