Image Care s.r.o. known as LePremier is a Czech manufacturing company, which conquers the Czech market with tailored men suits and shirts. Together with this, it focuses on the sale of accessories such as shoes, bags, handkerchief, ties, and bowties.
You buy here Loake shoes, classic English leather shoes, or even the highest series of Export Grade which is outside of England available only in 5 places worthwhile and they are not available online.  
Currently, the company has several branch stores in the Czech Republic and one branch store in Slovakia. Jakub Lohniský, executive head and co-owner of the company, is behind everything.
Do you know their shirt configurator? Not? Try it, it´s great. 
Choose the suiting, type of closing, type of collar and wristbands, place and shape of the pocket. The configurator is tuned into the slightest details such as the colour of studs, its stitching or the colour of the sewing of the buttonhole. The top of it is a monogram of many kinds. 

How it started...

One day in June 2016, Mr. Lohnisky from the company LePremier, called. He found Odoo and wanted to implement it in his company. We made an appointment in Prague and went on to make the best first impression.
And we made the right first impression because the made the cooperation. 
The beginning of the cooperation was about time periods. In the first phase of the project, the preparations of Odoo in three months were necessary, so Le Preier could change to the new solutions. This phase was filled with compromises that everything would be functional, but we met the deadline. 
The transition was a success and the next phase started, which continues until now. LePremier is a company that grows really fast and with it hangs together with the defying of new processes and their highest authorisation.
The aim of the project is the whole authorisation of stock and production, e-shop creation including the client access.
From the beginning of the project, e-shop went through 2 essential changes, it is now fully working authorisation of re-stocking and un-stocking of stores and all material flows for the production.

We created e-shop for Facebook and Instagram snippets because social networks are a strong marketing tool. The whole Odoo has connected on BI platform Keboola/Good data, and the e-shop is connected to the payment gateway Gopay and Twisto too. 

In Odoo, the process of reclamations and the output production control has a tailored solution.

    Demo Logo
    Demo Logo
    Demo Logo
    Demo Logo

    Other modified functionalities:

    Complete creation of e-shop on Odoo 

     In the Odoo platform, we created a whole e-shop. Though the graphic design is not our job, everything else is our job. The functionality of the web and sales process, client portal and many other. Currently, one person works on the programming and web optimization.

    Loyalty Program

    LePremier has a processed interesting loyalty program. Several levels of customer exist and every level have its own benefits and prices. Customers are being automatically regrouped into a relevant category according to the loyalty program rules.

    Customer profile in e-shop 

    If you are registered as a customer, you see in e-shop in the customer profile even the order history – details such as suiting included, and you may buy a shirt „as always“. Every customer has saved his measures which were measured in some LePremier branch store. But, the measures disappear after 6 months from the last measuring, because it counts with the reality that you are losing or gaining weight.

    Shirt configurator 

    I already mentioned it in the beginning. It is a thig that helps you to compile your own tailored shirt. In the combination for clothing, measures and other parameters, the price automatically re-counts.

    Connection to Flexibee

    Flexibee bridge is available even for other customers with our hosting, but LePremier has its own adjustments. However, standard functions are being kept. The automatic shift of issued invoices, intern documents, and other stock movements stay the same.

    Modification of the system for Slovak branches 

    We have EET, in Slovakei they have „fiskální tlačiareň“. Every country has something and it is necesarry to adjust to it. Odoo is muticompany and multilanguage, so it´s not an issue. 

    Installation on POS terminals for both the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

                                  Now we have August 2018 and we still cooperate with LePremier. It is now using Odoo in all Czech and Slovak branch stores. We are hosting the whole solution and we continue on the development. We still have things to improve. 

                                  We already have their shirts and suits. What about you?

                                  Jana Prošková

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