How does the Odoo Implementation and Development take place?

Odoo Implementation and Development by Orgis


This treatise is about our services are and its connections to Odoo product.

Odoo is an Open Source

Right at the beginning, we have to mention that the Odoo Community is an open source. It is a community product which moves it forward and therefore it is under AGPL licence. Odoo S.A. moves Enterprise Edition and is under LGPL v3 licence which binds to paying of licence fees for the time of the licence usage. 

In Orgis IT, we provide, Odoo hosting, Odoo adjustment under LGPL v3 licence which ensures the module ownership that could hold some business secrets ;), training, consolations, analytical services, eventually, you can use our Odoo support packages. 

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Why is it good to know this?

People often ask: How is it possible that we can/cannot do something in Odoo? Why aren´t they columns which could be used like in Excel? Why can´t your products be displayed with this filter etc.?  

The right essence of Odoo comes from the work of the Odoo Community and Odoo S.A. How can we in Orgis IT help? We help you to edit and set up Odoo within our prepaid support packages which contain training or configurations. We teach you how to work with the system. 

I don´t know the difference between those editions :(

On Odoo websites are the differences quite clearly described. Or you can read our article, where we described the edition differences. The article is  available here.

The key information: licence for user, licence for modules and extra functionality. Compare the annual costs for licence x Community edition development. 

If you want to know how the Enterprise Edition (furthermore just „EE“) looks like, Odoo S.A. offers on its website EE demo version for testing. Further, you can use Odoo service and book a date with the businessman from Odoo S.A. who will show you the demo version. 

    Our services

    Odoo instalation

    Odoo analysis

    Odoo configuration

    Odoo consulting  

    Odoo development

    Odoo hosting

    Odoo support

    Odoo training



      Odoo is a hosting solution; you work with the system from web environment – the need of system installation on client´s devices drops off. However, you have to host Odoo on a server. The installation of Odoo on our servers in AWS clouds is for free.

      We take care of certificates, initiation of installation, monitoring, update, gradual improvements and implementation of new technologies, access security, data encryption...and smooth operation of the system. We have experience with different size of our customers and therefore we have tune the Odoo hosting in the smallest details for the maximal comfort and added value.

      Are you interested in Odoo hosting? All you have to do is to click on the „Hosting“ button. Here is the portal in which you can order Odoo hosting for Community or Enterprise Edition. 


      Odoo works, users are created but the system is in the starting state.

      We help you with configuration and parameterisation. In this phase comes to the installation of dials, stock set up, accounting, connection of places and cash desks, access works, but even a help with the setup of email servers and notification sending. In this phase, the maximal attention and effort are needed. It is the key part of the Odoo system implementation. 


      Odoo works, users are created, the system is set, but you need to import previous data.

      It is usual that you want to work with old data which were saved in the previous solution or in an Excel sheet on your computer. Odoo can process data in Excel files or CSV.

      If it is the case of a smaller amount of data which don´t have complex links, you can import them yourselves. The instructions on how to do imports are available here. However, if it is a large amount of data, the ideal choice is an import through API with which we can help you with our services.

      Ok, Let´s go!

      The system is set up and works. It´s the right time for user training >> Let´s continue with the point no. 5 

      If you have your own processes, which create the base of your business or create your competitive advantage, read, how can Odoo be adapted according to your needs. The first step is an analysis >>


      The first step of a successful development is the pre-implementation analysis. Without this document, we are not able to give any valuation about work difficulty. Let´s show this on an example on a purchase in a shop. You go shopping with an idea of what you want to buy and you don´t require from the saleslady to give you an orientation price of your Sunday purchase, without her knowing what you want to buy, for how many people, what funds do you have for it and what kind of gourmet you are, because you can eat a duck as well as butter and bread.

      In Orgis IT, we have specialists who help you with the analysis. The analysis unwinds from the size of the solution and process complexity. By one costumer, it takes three days, by another, the analysis can take half a year and some huge solutions are analysed many months.

      The result of the first phase is a document – process analysis, in which is clearly described the current and future state with designed processes optimisation. Further, the timetable is being set and the whole project is divided into phases and priorities of complementation. It is necessary to have competent people on your side which would give us their experiences with company processes. Those can be managers of individual departments or employees who are responsible for a given segment of services in your company and are able to dedicate us to your processes.

      ** If you already know that your system is going to be developed gradually and that it is not possible to clearly define the processes – we proceed according to Time&Material model. We create individual assignments, one from our analyst will process them and eventually asks about missing information and assumes technical specifications which are the background for the development. 

      According to the analysis, we are able to define the valuation of the difficulty of your project. Unfortunately, without this document, it is not possible. 

      Of course, we can define the price range of the project. In these cases, the projects run so that the result would be in the defined price range. So, it doesn´t have to run until it finds the best solution.
      Some customers find this way the competitive advantage in their processes or the possibility of optimisation of human resources that they decide to take the way of essential adjustments at the expense of the price. The borders of our cooperation will be set up according to the expected results and the price/result ratio. 


      According to the pre-implementation analysis, the request for a partial system development may appear. Odoo is really modular in this way (it is given by the MVC architecture) and flexible system which is a great advantage compared to some older architectures in other systems. The development is rather quick and therefore we are able to gain the required functionality sooner than our rivals. It doesn´t matter if it isn´t about adding new roles, workflow adjustment or the development of a new functionality. According to the requirements itemized in the analysis, we edit Odoo according to your wishes. 

      Project Management

      We have qualified specialists who ensure the project management, leadership and will be in contact with you on an everyday basis. We use an agile methodology of development and the most often, we run on 14-days-scripts. This way, you can easily imagine the way your project runs and you are part of it. 

      We have SW tools for project management which ensure smooth communication between you and our specialists. During the process, you can display its schedule, give your own priorities and track the phases of individual tasks of the project. 


      Within every sprint, there is the testing and creation of the documentation as the last phase. This means that the functionality which is developed for the customer is set up on a testing background and the tests of functionality and end-to-end test runs. Then the user tests are following, which is in the hands of the customer´s responsible person. When the tests are ended, and the development is approved, the product goes to the production environment and is put into normal usage. 


      Part of the development is the creation of documentation which is for the customer a voluntary item. We can provide the user documentation, configuration and admin documentation and code documentation.


      Employee Training

      The necessity with every run life of the new system is the training of the key users. The most important is to become acquainted with the user environment and the system´s basic logic. Then more complicated functions follow together with the newly created functionality. 

      Training is a substantial part of the implementation of the new system and it shouldn´t be neglected. The user, who never saw the system, can be easily disoriented and then, the fallout of the enthusiasm from the system usage follows by putting data into the system. 

      Within our services, the support packages are available which contains the following services:

      • Training

      • Configuration

      • Application support

      Configuration - most of the configurations and parameterizations are processed during implementation. However, the system should be growing and evolving with you. Therefore, system configurations during the usage must be solved.

      Application support includes services which should make the transition to the new system as easy as possible. Within the prepaid support package, the specialists are available for you who make sure that you will have to someone in the case of need.

      If you want to know about the support packages, you can read the article which tells more about this issue. 
      For more information, click here.

      6. BILLING

      We make invoices according to the real done work. We play fair and bill only reality, not guesses ;)

      How does ERP look like?

      Bespoke system or prepared box system? Is the Open Source Software like a substitute of a propriety solution? On-premise or ERP in the Cloud? Those questions torture everyone who is an owner of a company, or at least works in top management.  Tips and questions to thing are available here, in our previous article. 

      Are you thinking about the implementation of the new solution? 

      We are the reliable partner for your business.

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