Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

GFPR is knocking on your doors and you have a mess in your employee data? Do not delete anything, just give your data a structure and you can import them into Odoo just with a few clicks. If you don´t know how the import instructions in Odoo are here

Now back to the topic. We won´t tell you all the inclusive info you can find on many possible portals, we´re going to take a look at facts. Odoo is a complete ERP system. Its incredible advantage is an integrated module for employees, attendance, timesheets and recruitment application – the proper basis for your small company, startup or even a company with 250 employees. The size doesn´t matter.

                                                      And Now Some Facts

                                                      An easy evidence of employees in one place. Avoid duplicities and stack of papers on the table.

                                                      Name, surname, date of birth – simply classical personal data.

                                                      Organizational structure. Who is above whom, under whom and where exactly are they in the structure.

                                                      Authorization. This is an important word for GDPR. Nobody can see a thing or can he/she see everything? It is important to have processes and set-up Odoo.

                                                      Documents and enclosures. It is good to know that you have signed a contract with John and that it is deposited in the right place.

                                                      Employee evaluation.

                                                      The evidence of vacation and other free days (illness, compensatory time off, unpaid vacation,…).

                                                      Anytime and Anywhere

                                                      To be connected to the internet is a standard nowadays, so you can get into you Odoo from home, work, car, during lunch, at the meeting… you only need data or generally internet connection.

                                                      Odoo is namely a web application, so there is no installation needed. Mobile phone, tablet, notebook. You have protected https in our hosting, so there is no worry about security.

                                                      Cost saving

                                                      Thanks to the usage of copyhold form – software as a service (so called SaaS – Software as a Service) you pay only a monthly charge for active system users. You pay for what you really use. 

                                                      Do you want to know more about our hosting?
                                                      Odoo hosting


                                                      Add a photo, write down the phone number and email address, the position the employee is working at, who is superior, the type of duty, safe his her/his permanent address, if the person is single or married and so on.

                                                      Within our hosting, the enlargement of the module by other functionalities is available.

                                                      Naturally, the exact evidence of timesheets and vacations.

                                                      Within one look. Important information in a few clicks.

                                                      Discussion & Chat

                                                      Do you want an internal chat or a common chat channel? Odoo contains an application for in-house communication. You can transmit this way important information about a candidate, send an urgent message to a colleague about a late holiday request and that he/she has to go to the boss personally or you can send documents and pictures.

                                                      For even better and more efficient work, you can in the candidate cart make a plan when you call him when a meeting is and more other activities which you shouldn´t forget. These activities show up in one place, so you won´t forget to do them. 

                                                      Integrated Application Recruitment 

                                                      Odoo Recruitment Application will provide you a whole recruitment process.

                                                      Form the writing down a new position to the signing of a contract. Clear evidence of all candidates in the one place.

                                                      Plan meeting, email communications, and phone calls. Your recruiters won´t miss any interview.

                                                      Advertise Available Positions on Web Pages

                                                      Why shouldn´t you use the possibility to display your advertisement on web pages? Especially, when Odoo has this application availabe.All you have to do is to have an available position, to have the application Web Pages Installed and to publish the advertisement. You can find an example from praxis on our web page Jobs. Where we are looking for new colleagues too ;) 

                                                      Do you have questions? Just use our contact form or call us. We´ll be happy to answer all your questions or show you our Odoo system within a sample.

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