Invoicing in Odoo

How to do it? How to set it? Why to use to combine it...

In Odoo Community edition, the whole accounting is covered up in the Invoicing module. We met this module for sure: during invoice making or if your Odoo report an error in the product setting, which you want to sell. 
It ought to be mentioned, Odoo Community edition doesn´t have the full-fledged accounting, how someone can imagine. At the same time, we must take into account that Odoo is not a Czech SW and the classical Czech accounting is to being set. Though these limitations, we are able to work with invoicing module.

What can we do with Invoicing module?

Obviously, the most important thing is the creating of invoices for your customers. Without the Invoicing Module, you won´t be able to make these in Odoo. 
You can register your incoming invoices, payments in cash or in bank. 

Invoicing module is divided into 2 primary parts Sales and Purchase. Other parts are accounting operations, reports, and module setting. In the Sales and Purchase, we found basically identical possibilities – customer invoices/vendor bills, credit notes and and payments. Other possibilities are quick clicks to Customers and Suppliers. .

Let´s take a look at basics, which are suitable to be set in the beginning.

Module setting:

Basic matters, which are needed to be set:

  • default taxes rates for your company and your individual rates for Sale and Purchase;

  • fiscal position, which means who should the default taxes rates act, for example in the case of sales/purchase into and from EU;

  • set the currency of your company;

  • account journals;

  • bank accounts;

  • and default due date.

Just these basic things make your work in Odoo much easier. All these settings will be later automatically used and you won´t have to think about them. 

Products and Partners setting

Have it ever happened to you that Odoo wrote you an error „Product account is invalid“?

This is given by the product setting.  Everything, what you purchase or sell (even components, spare parts, material,...) has to have an account number (meant as the number of account from accounting chart).  We or your accountant helps you with this. It´s the same as by a product, you need to have an account number by parameters – customers and suppliers. 

It´s only up to you which account you assign to them. It depends on your analytical segmentation of accounts, if you distinguish Czech subjects, invoicing in a foreign currency or any other attribute. Set your accounts according to your needs.

The reward for your time spent on the setting of everything will be quite and easy usage. Odoo post your invoices in the account which is set by the customer, the value of the sale in the account which is set by the product and the high of VAT in the account which is set by the tax rate. 

You don´t have to do anything.

But what Odoo cannot do? 

It cannot do VAT returns, wages, other engagements or intern records.

But we got ahead of it the other way. We have BRIDGE.

If you want to move Odoo functionalities a bit further, look at the advantages of hosting by Orgis IT. You can use great advantages such as connection Odoo with Flexibee, EET functionality, ČNB exchange rate downloading, Czech document templates and for example module of holidays...
Does it sound complicated to you? Not to us. Just contact us. 

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