News in Odoo 12

Odoo version 12 not only comes with new features and improved usability but also comes with new modules. 


IMPORT. New interface to import files and import templates. The system learns data mapping to auto-detect columns, and detects data formatting (e.g. dates, floats). 
FULL KEYBOARD SUPPORT. Press Alt to highlight shortcuts and navigate with the keyboard in forms, list and kanban views.
ACCESS RIGHTS. A user is either a portal user,  a public user or an employee with system access.

Sales and CRM

New quotation templates with building blocks. You can combine signature & payment in your online quote - boost your online sales. Unified sales report  within all sales teams including Point of Sale. Odoo will tell you in which warehouse you can pick up available product in case a selected warehouse is out of stock a particular product.

Followers of sales teams are notified when new lead is created. 

Orgis IT extension: new user-friendly activities, meeting protocol, amazing meeting invitation, sales dashboards, dynamics sales quotations, audit of all sales person´s activities and others. See more >>

Website & eCommerce

Several websites with different themes, URLs, pages, products, blogs, ... within one Odoo. Amazing new feature is custom color picker - now you can define colors for your background, header, footer, icons, etc.).

New SEO wizard, zoom on product images, better designed customer portal, customer checkout has been optimized to make it easier, fully responsive and quicker.

Within our hosting you get new website snippets (video snippet, lazy preview, instagram snippet, etc.), integration with GoPay, Twillio for sending SMS about state of your order, coupons.

Timesheet and forecast

Now you can create sales order directly from the project overview simultaneously when the ordered quantity is updated, the planned hours of the corresponding task are also updated.

Employees can choose a unit of time to encode their timesheets (days or hours) and at the same time different employees can now add their TS on the same project or task at different rates.


Several changes were made also in Odoo Studio. You can move fields, create monetary fields, image resizing, ..... learn more about rules of using Odoo studio >>


Create specific folders, use tags to organize your environment and share all documents you need, split the group of documents to avoid scanning them one by one. Activate the chat on any document and lock them to prevent other users from working on it while is it being edited.


Push and pull rules are merged into a single concept. New dashboard view with average cycle times and delays include info about value coming in and out of the stock. Put-away strategies can now be applied per product not only per category.

Orgis IT extension: new inventory app soon!


Better access rights in MRP process. Barcode on work order.
Amazing news! Now you can compute the cost of products based on their BoM in mass directly from the product list view.

Discuss and eSign

Odoo Bot can help you with onboarding. You can moderate incoming messages for a channel - you can accept or reject them.

SMS validation will be used for double authentication to strengthen the security of customer signatures.

Email marketing

Use the specific outgoing email server to send mass mailings. Thanks to this you can avoid having the main mail server reported as spam. New statistics and analysis menu or merge mailing lists.

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