Odoo Community vs Odoo Enterprise

Differences between Odoo editions

Beginning with Odoo 9, Odoo SA started releasing two versions of Odoo; a Community Edition and an Enterprise Edition. The Community Edition is free, open source, and primarily supported by the Odoo community. Odoo Enterprise requires a license based on the number of users and applications.

Enterprise ≠ Open source

Technically, Odoo Enterprise is Odoo Community core + Additional functional apps.
The most important point is that the Enterprise Edition is not open-sourced and the code is provided only by official Odoo partners and Odoo itselfs.
This also means that a non-official partner cannot sell the Enterprise Edition and thus an Odoo customer can only buy the Enterprise edition from Odoo or its partners.
We are Odoo Ready Partners, let us know that you are interested and we will help you get Odoo Enterprise.
Another interesting fact is that the Enterprise Edition contains full responsiveness! It will fully adapt itself to mobile, tablet and notebook.
But this is not a key feature because you can use an installable module to provide responsiveness in community editions.

Enterprise applications

One of the first differences are applications, which are included only in Enterprise editions. If you need one of the applications listed below, it is better to get the Enteprise edition because you can not find them in the Community Edition. If you would like to have access to these features you will need to buy the Enterprise subscription, which includes fees for the users and applications you use.


Use multiple channels, configure SLAs, assign tickets, automate satisfaction survey and knowledge base.


 Get contracts or documents signed online within seconds.

Quality Management

Define control points, quality alerts and checks.


Conduct preventive and corrective maintenance, schedule in calendar and get reports.


Bank synchronization, clean reports, bank interfaces, check printing...

Online appointment

Easy-to-use scheduling solution which allows your clients to self-book their own appointment

Marketing automation

Perfect for lead nurturing and automating lead management.


Recurring billing & subscriber management the easy way.

Odoo studio

You can customize your system directly inside the application. 

Warning! If you use this module, you only modify the database, not the system code. The system is not reinstallable.

            Enterprise features


            Project GANTT and GRID view. Get the perfect overview with a the project management feature.
            Barcode integration. Fasten your processes with the complete barcode integration.
            Shipping connector. Improve goods shipping with the connector to e.g. UPS, Fedex and DHL.
            Plattform connector. Connect your sales automatically with eBay and Amazon


            MPS. Plan manufacturing or purchase orders based on forecasts.
            Work Center Tablets. Improve information exchange in the work centers.
            Production Losses. Track your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
            Improved Reports. Costing, maintenance, quality and traceability.
            Odoo text and image block
            Odoo image and text block


            VoIP. Use the integrated VoIP (Asterisk) integration.
            Employee appraisal. Conduct employee evaluation periodically.
            Mobile App. Timesheet chrome and mobile app.

            Other apps

            Sales. Manage promotion & coupon programs with Enterprise edition.
            CRM. Customer Autocomplete (look up company information (name, logo, etc.).
            Websites. Create several versions of your website pages with A/B testing.
            Purchase. 3-way matching: purchases, receptions and bill.
            Point of Sale.Loyalty program in the point of sale, where the customers earn loyalty points and get rewards.

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            How can I get Odoo Enterprise?

            We are Odoo Ready Partners, let us know that you are interested and we will help you get Odoo Enterprise. 

            You can write us and we can help you with a purchase. We need to know company name, number of users and list of Odoo applications you would like to use.

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