within the bought Support Pack

Everyone acts in a different field, on a different position and everyone went through at least some training. Well, everyone went through at least OSH. How do these kinds of training look like? 

First variation is visual. That means the form of e-learning, where you click through prepared unified material, there is no room for questions or discussion and many of us just skipped this step and went right to the final test. If the training is interesting, we read the material, it not, we don´t read them. But of course, this goes if we know that the can repeat the test forever. 

What is the meaning of this test? If it is the driver training – if you complete the test, you fill the condition of the employer.

If you go for a training to us, it looks a bit different.

Training material are unifies, but we cannot edit them for every customer individual according to the processes, types of tasks in a project or settings of the stock management.

Training material with the basic Odoo modules are given to every customer who buys the Support pack, so there´s no condition of making the training. We believe that you are handy and that you are capable of setting up your Odoo alone.

If you decide to take the training, believe, you won´t regret it

The trainer goes through individual modules in Odoo, from Discussion, Contacts, Sales, Purchase, Projects, Stock, Productions, Employees, Recruitment, etc. and shows you how individual settings works and why to fill certain fields and what connections do their have in another modules. 

You need to know, that training for one module takes 2-3 hours. The length of the training is unfolded from your current knowledge of Odoo and the speed of the content understanding. You can choose the module priority you are interested in.

The training takes place in testing demo Odoo environment which is adapted to the training.
The functional settings are prepared beforehand and some of supplements are being installed, which are for most companies necessary. 
Not all settings are used and needed.

Count on that your Odoo apparently doesn´t contain so many fields or functions. After finishing the training, you and your colleagues will have an idea of how you can set up and make you Odoo work. 

You will be able to use Odoo basic modules and you will be able to better define your requirements for your eventual system adjustments. 

    What is the content of individual Odoo modules training? 

    Here you have the basic framework...

                                CRM & Contacts

                                • leads and work with them

                                • pipeline, work with opportunities

                                • customers

                                • reports

                                • new contact creation

                                • the click tile in the contact card

                                • activities planning and the communication with a contact

                                • another actions with contacts

                                Sales in Odoo

                                • creation of a new offer

                                • process from the offer to an order

                                • product creation

                                • settings and reation of variants and attributes of procuts

                                • bill of material setting 

                                • pricelist creation

                                • module settings

                                Purchase in Odoo

                                • requests for quotation

                                • creating of a new purchase order

                                • purchase order

                                • product settings (purchase)

                                • vendors pricelists

                                • pricelist creation

                                • the whole process from quotation to billing

                                • module settings

                                Inventory in Odoo

                                • module introduction

                                • module settings

                                • demontration of the basic stock operations

                                • inventory adjustments

                                • scrap

                                • planning of stock operations

                                • re-ordering rules

                                • stock valuation

                                • reports

                                Projects in Odoo

                                • module introduction

                                • module settings

                                • creation of project, tasks and sub-tasks

                                • work with tasks

                                • linked tasks

                                • timesheets record

                                • connection of a project with order

                                • reports

                                Invoicing in Odoo

                                • module settings

                                • tax and fiscal position settings

                                • how to create chart of account

                                • introduction of dashboard

                                • creation and settings of journals

                                • invoice creation

                                • credit note creation

                                • work with documents, connection wth another modules

                                • checking of account entries/items

                                Recruitment in Odoo

                                • module introduction

                                • module settings

                                • creation of a new position

                                • recruitment process

                                • work with applications

                                Employees in Odoo

                                • module introduction

                                • module settings

                                • work with employees

                                • organizational structure setting

                                • leaves- holiday, illnesses,..

                                • process of leaves approval

                                Manufacturing in Odoo

                                • module introduction

                                • module settings

                                • creation of a work order and work with it

                                • manufacturing orders

                                • scrap orders

                                • work orders

                                • creation and setting of a work centre

                                • work with products in production

                                For the functional training, we have to define its time frame.
                                If the training takes place in Pilsen, you have to count with min. 3 hours block and limited number of 6 participants. The time of the trainer is being billed according to the Time&Material model and is being billed after half an hour.

                                If you want the training in your company, the trainer is available to you 6 hours a day. The time is being billed the same way – according to the Time&Material model and every half an hour. You have to count with the travel costs and time on the road in your costs. The limit of the participants is limited by your space. 

                                The output of the training is the sample of individual Odoo modules and basic configuration on test instance.

                                Do you want to know, what you can do with Odoo? What are another function of it? Come to our training. 

                                Jana Prošková

                                Give us your phone number and we will call you back.