Odoo Multiwebsite & Website

Orgis features for Odoo multiwebsite and website modules


    Odoo Multiwebsite is a topic mentioned for a long time. Several implementations already appeared but they are mostly just partial or in some respects imperfect. 

      We have for you a multiwebsite with the possibility of more websites for one company, where every company can have its own graphic theme! At the same time, individual websites can be assigned to one or more websites.

      Individual websites are independent of each other. We largely concentrated them on the impact in the SEO field, separate robots.txt and sitemap.xml are being generated to them.

      The menu is rewritten so it is possible to have own one for each website, eventually to have shared them between sites.

      In the case of multicompany mode, the web requirements are being established to the relevant company to which the website belongs. 

      The Duplicated Content Protection - we automatically insert the Canonical link element into the shared between individual websites. This element tells to the browsers that it is not a duplicated content and it automatically refers to the used sources.

      Websites www.orgis.cz and odoois.com run on this module, so you can see that the graphic themes are different, while the module blog and carrier are shared between those sites.

      Key Functionalities

      More websites in one Odoo database

      More e-shops in one company

      It supports multicompany mode

      It generates separated robots.txt and sitemap

      It allows you to enter separated Google tag manager keys

      Individual menu for every website

      Website Extension

      Google tag manager in Odoo

      The module gives the possibility to assign a GTM code to the sites with which help can be added dynamic scripts into the pages. The administration and assignment of the GTM to the website is a really easy matter where you can have different keys to different domains.

      Robots.txt a sitemap.xml in Odoo

      We prepared a module which allows you to generate these important data for browsers. The generating is compatible even with the multiwebsite regime. It respects all setups such as currently deactivated pages, order prioritisation or the language mutations with „hreflang“ element.

        Expanded blog

        With the new expanded blog, you gain many possibilities:

        • Search -  with the click on the magnifying glass or with the press on „s“ button, you access into an easy full text search

        • Tags and their colour administration

        • Time to read – by the article creation and editing, we count the time needed for reading and we display the current valuation

        • The most read articles icon

        • A quick copy of the article link

        • Time scrollbar - on the right corner of the screen, a timeline of publishing of your individual article shows up – the time orientation is way easier this way

        • Quick sharing on social media

        • The connection on disqus – all you have is to fill up the token and to start using it

        • Vivid layout inspired by Pinterest

        New Web Snippets

        We prepared for you a large number of new snippets made for your comfort and the speed of new page building. Those snoppets allow you to edit your site even more according to your imagination. They are created with the emphasis on the responsivity and speed.

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