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Odoo point of sale is determined for both, small and big companies. Doesn´t matter, if it´s a grocery store, flower shop, clothing store, wholesale, market stall or restaurant.
Odoo is a web application which means that you don´t need anything more, just internet connection and a device on which the system runs.

One of the main advantages of this cash system which is part of the ERP is integrated applications which extend possibilities in system usage and catches up every company process.


In Odoo, you simply establish product cards, create and set up variations such as colour, material, size or inner memory of the product. Variations and individual attributes create and manage in configuration.

Upload product pictures and, for even better orientation, create an evidence of suppliers and a management of supplier price lists. Set up the selling price, intern marking, load EAN and load the goods.

Product Categories

Odoo POS can be transparent, don´t you believe? You can categorize every product in POS categories and add a picture to every category.

You easily search out between products and in addition, you can set up in Odoo, which category is going to be on the default page of the cash system.

Integrated Applications

Warehouse Management

Odoo point of sale is compatible with warehouse management. It allows your product management, product loading, warehouse operations between individual locations and following warehouse deflate; deliver notes for your customers included.

Follow the warehouse statistics ( the developement of stock level, income, and sales in individual months, increase or reduction of the stock of the chosen product). Do you want to know more about warehuse management in Odoo?
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Customer System - CRM

Allow them to buy with their customer account. Find easily your customer in your CRM and assign their purchase to them. The functionality is ready for loyalty programs and customer cards.

Do you know that it is possible to create marketing campaigns in Odoo? Choose your loyal customers on the mailing list and send to them an exceptional special offer or a discount for their next purchase.

Properties of Odoo Point of Sale

For common cash system it is normal, but for a complex ERP system such as Odoo, the following points are key issues and we have them!


Create your default price lists which can be chosen during the sale and with this apply quantity discount on the whole purchase or create an individual discount on a concrete item.

EET friendly

Within our integration, Odoo communicates with financial management and changes important information about your sales. What do you need for this? You have to own an EET Certificate and identification data (business ID).

Cancellation of Goods

You don´t need the manager. The salesperson has the possibility to delete an unwanted item in the order with two clicks.

Online & Offline
Internet outage? Don´t panic. Odoo has both regimes. In the case of the loss of internet connection, Odoo continues to work.

Together or Separately?

Splitting of an account or separate payment. Odoo cash system manages even transfer between separate accounts.

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Goods in POS can be found with the help of an intern code, barcode or the name of the product.


Odoo POS support different kinds of payment – cash in the currency that you setup, pay by credit card or by invoice with just one click.

Remote System Administration

As the successful company, you have more branches and there´s no time to round them and check them? No problem – do system administration from anywhere and anytime. Odoo is a web application which means that all you need is an internet connection and you can start with dealing with your trades at a distance from your tablet. 

Do you have more companies? 

You will be pleased with the following information,
Odoo is capable of more company management within Multicompany Mode.

Don´t buy a pig in a poke.

Let it be introduced it to you.

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