Sorry, but we are protecting our customers and we appreciate their trust which they give us. We don´t present their intern principles and know-how, which provide them their competitive advantage. 

        We´ll be happy to give you advice, experiences from many years of praxis between our customers from the Czech Republic and from abroad. Let us know and our consultants will give you objective advice to direct you to take the right path. 

        Our business consultant can go through the demo version of Odoo within a short sample and you can get an idea of the Odoo functionality without any limitations of our current customers.

        Demo installations are prepared so that they can show you as much as possible. You gain a perfect overview of the possibilities and module links. 

        Fair Use Policy (FUP) determine a limitation of capacity resources, the volume of transmitted data and other limitations for the Hosting Service. The FUP unit is equal to one worker per user. One worker means 1.5 GB RAM and 1 GHz CPU, 1GB in and out, 5GB of data storage. For a minimum of 5 users, it is at least 7.5 GB of RAM 5GHz 5GB of traffic and a 25GB datastore. Only data stored (and not codes) are really counting in the datastore - the size of the codecs is not limited. Here's an example: Let’s say there are 50 users in your Odoo. That means your users will have 250GB of data storage to use together.

         „Ticket“ is a name for your request for the adjustment or change. If you prepaid our support package, you gained an acces to the user portal. Here you find information about the number of hours which you prepaid, the history of work and all your tickets. 

        We can provide specialist from analyst, project manager, developer, tester, documentation specialist to the user support. There is a business consultant availabe who knows your project and set up the conditions of the cooperation with you.

        Didn´t you find the answer, you were searching for? Let us know and we answer it personaly. 

        Kristýna Bártová

        Give us your phone number and we will call you back.