Flexibee bridge

or, how easily connect Odoo with your accounting SW

First, we have to tell that the billing process in Odoo is completely different than those we had the chance to try in another accounting SW. Why? Because Odoo is not an accounting SW. It is an ERP system. You can manage there the production or stocks, but you won´t be able to do payroll in it.

However, with Odoo and our Flexibee bridge, you save the time of your accountant and your money. 

Key decision

In Odoo, you need to be precise and thoroughly set up the module Invoicing. You have to set up the accounting chart, tax rates, fiscal positions, but even the product numbers on contacts (partners). In exchange for this „directors time“ is the automation of accounting operations in Odoo. That means that if you create a bill on a partner X and you are selling a product, you have a set fiscal position, so by accepting of the invoice, it automatically billed. This is the point, where Odoo functionality ends. 

For even better and efficient usage of Odoo, the connection with the accounting SW was needed. Thanks to API, we had the chance to choose between modern billing SW. We analysed, discussed, gain useful information and read documentations. After those steps, we found our favourite – billing SW Flexibee won.

It was a fight to connect 2 completely different SW.

After a ruthless analysis, we had to map the fields from Odoo into Flexibee, treat all compulsory fields,  treat all exceptions, test, adjust, create many crisis plans, test many companies with thousands of products, edit it, try it and to program again, edit and invent.
It was a long process but we have the result! Flexibee bridge.

The result of this integration is a real-time synchronisation of records from Odoo to Flexibee. 

From Odoo we bring: 

  • contacts, 

  • address list, 

  • bank connection, 

  • change of records and the actual exchange rate, 

  • account numbers, pricelists ,

  • stock operations, 

  • customer invoices/vendor bills and all items on those documents,

  • bank operations and all treasury actions. 

Bridge works the unidirectional way, which means from Odoo to Flexibee. Bidirectional function only payment pairing from the bank. 

All records are from Odoo transferred automatically after saving/validation (for example invoices). 

So you can very comfortably create invoices. The process of purchase in Odoo can be settled from the request, order to the invoice. All those records are then moved in Flexibee, where you can add them and create the output for fiscal administration.

What bridge doesn´t contain (because it Odoo doesn´t know) are wages and everything that belongs to them. Export of payslips, payroll, luncheon vouchers, exports for health insurances, etc. 

 For whom is Flexibee Bridge meant? 

  • for everyone who is using Odoo and is hosting Orgis IT

  • for everyone, who uses Flexibee and are searching, for example, CRM or a complete ERP system 

    Accounting data are visible only with a concrete set up of the rights in Odoo. Odoo users and Flexibee can be completely different, an extern accountant can gain the access only for Flexibee and not for Odoo and other employees can have it differently.

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