Projects in Odoo

Projects – it is a really modern term nowadays. Everyone has their projects. For someone it is an order, e-shop, flat reconstruction... but our projects in Odoo are a little different.

Why is it good to use projects?

        • Do you want to give tasks to your subordinates? 

        • Do you have a specific workflow in your projects?

        • Do you want to know if your subordinate finished the task?

        • Do you want to know in which phase the task is?

        • How much time did he/she already spend on the task?

        • Are you defining team members for a project?

If your answer was „yes“ at least once, then there´s the reason for using Odoo Projects... 

Projects are connected with another Odoo modules and their functions are taken into account in another modules.

The first view you see in this module is the default screen. You see here all your projects, or the projects you are part of as a member or as a follower. In the introduction tile, you see the name of the project and the customer (if it is set). Then you see the amount of tasks, which you created or you have to finish. 

Project creation

You create your project alone and easy with the help of button Create. 

You name every project, choose the project manager, you can add a concrete customer (but you don´t have to), choose the visibility to other users of the system or you allowed the timesheet recording. As a bonus, there are again quick click tiles with which you get to documents, task list or timesheets. In the project setting, you can set the email alias, which will work as a channel for giving tasks. If someone wrights an email into this alias, Odoo creates a task with the content of the e-mail. Attention – to this Odoo has to be connected to you email servers. 

I don´t need to mention functions such as colours or stars. If you want to be better oriented in you projects, you can use filters or grouping according to different criteria. Ofter used filters or groupages can be saved into favourites and set as a default screen. This default screen can be used by you or even by other users of the system.

how it may look...

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Task entering 

The first task is already done. Now, you can give tasks and see their finishing. A new task is right after its saving classified into the 1st phase of the project. Every task can be given to another user of the system; you set the deadline of the task and put some notes in it. Odoo automatically fills the project and eventually an order, to which the project is linked. If you have a project without a link to an order, you won´t see the field.

The next level is the creation of subtasks (partial task). You create it with the tile on the task. Task and subtasks are visible in the project view.

You can distinguish the task by colour. In the task tile, you see a profile photo of the user, to who the task is given. The icon of stopwatch shows, if there is any planned activity to the task. The stopwatch has three colour variations – green shows the future, orange is an activity planned for today and red is after deadline. It is a visual simple overview.

The final deadline of the task is visible in the tile, in the case of not finishing the task on time, the date turns red. If you set a deadline for a task, it shows in your calendar. Then, you easily display from kanban into the calendar mode. 

The other functionality are dots. Green means that the task is ready to be put into next phase. A red dot, on the other hand, means that the user got stuck and need help with the task.

Do you want to track the duration of individual tasks? All you have to do is prepare the time estimate; Employees then fill timesheet and create records of their work. Their recorded time is being subtracted from the original estimate and shows the progress of the task. The remaining time is then written in the task tile.

The whole history of changes is visible under the given task. Other followers of the given project can be send messages or given notes.

Just like by projects, even by task, you can combine filters and groupings. To a user, who is member on several individual projects, it makes the work much easier. The combination of task filters, which are given to him and the grouping according to a project, the member gets much better overview. 

Other activities

To every task, you can create records of other activities. Those are activities which are bonded to a given task for its finishing. It can be a phone call, meeting or email. Administrator has the possibility to influence the dial type of those activities. 

You plan activities with the help of the stopwatch icon in the task tile. From the dial, you choose the kind of task, plan the date and time. You have the possibility to give it to another user. Information about planned activity is available through the stopwatch and their colour, or in the tab activity on the left menu module. The mentioned left menu is an easier way to a display given activities. In the clear table, you can see your activities with the possibility of click to the given task or project.

Different workflow of projects

Every project can have a different workflow. These are no same two projects and so Odoo allows this possibility.

What is a workflow? It is a list of phases which every task has to go through before it can be sign as done. The number of phases is theoretically infinite, but keep clear mind with it. You have to take the employees into account, who are on the other side and fill your individual tasks.  

Moving tasks to next phases is done by the moving of the task tile. All you have to do is a klick and move it into the next phase.  

Are you selling services?

 We have Odoo solution even for you.

Every Odoo product has 3 possibilities – one of them is SERVICE. If you use this product in offer and the customer accepts the offer. Odoo automatically creates an order and to this order, it creates a relevant project. The project has link to the given order and the customer. You can then create tasks or subtasks, fill timesheets and register the amount of work in the given order. For an easy orientation, the project is named after the order and in the order itself; you find a link to the project. The other setting, you can influence billing – either it will be according to the work or according to the order. Everything is up to you.

Task analysis

This function, which is available in the left menu of the module, allows you graphic or tabular project analysis overview. In the analysis you have possibility of a few displays – the most frequent is the bar chart. In the combination with the choice of attributes which you want to measure (like the whole reported time on the project), you see the division of the user. Other possibility is the line or pie chart. From measured attributes we can mention the number of reported hours, remaining time until deadline etc. In this part of Odoo work filters and groupings too. If you combine the possibility of view, measured quantity and many other filters or groupings, you get many possibilities for this task analysis.

Project in Odoo you achieve your goals.

Whatever it is a sucessfull order, satisfied customer or preparations of a new product...

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