Sales in Odoo

Are you expecting that someone opens the door? Let´s go for the Sale in Odoo. You make it with us...

                                                As I mentioned above, you won´t be able to create an offer. So, if you are a company that supplies goods, services or anything else, and your customer has to approve your offer first, so for you is this Sales Module meant. 
                                                The Sales in Odoo is like any other module connected to other modules. You find there a connection to CRM into the customer database; you see orders, products, price lists, connection to billing etc. 

                                                What can come in handy in Sales?

                                                Who you are selling to – quick click into CRM and contacts

                                                It makes easier you work with Customers; in CRM you see all contacts or only those which are marks as Customer. In addition, you can limit some users on their rights so they see only their contacts.

                                                What you are selling – Creation of products and their variants

                                                You have to establish your products and price lists, so you can sell. The product can be a good, service or a product. It doesn´t matter, if you are selling tea leaves, produce custom-made machines or provide consultancy. 

                                                Every type of Product has its specifics. The product has to have a piece list (what parts and how many of them is necessary for one product), the service requires timesheets, the products are just bought and sold with a margin. 

                                                Every product can have its variations. You hardly sell a pullover; you are selling a pullover in the size from S to XL. So you have X variations of a product. If you put colours to it, new combinations are created.

                                                For how much are you selling – Pricelists 

                                                The pricelists in Odoo works on the principle of heredity. It means that if you create one main price lists, the others result from it. So, if you create a sale 10% on everything, or you just determine certain categories or products for the sale. If you use your pricelists in another currency, they can be automatically converted. Individual pricelists are set to individual customer and you can start selling. 


                                                Now we know to whom and for how much we are selling, so we can start creating the offer. If we sufficiently filled information about the customer, so the part of data will be filled automatically: the billing address, delivery address, the type of pricelist and due date. Then you have to fill the selling items.

                                                The offer will be exported into .pdf or it can be sent directly from Odoo on the customer´s email address. The customer can accept the offer – then an order is created, or it can be an edit (add a sale, add or remove items or the amount of a given item) and then it is given to the customer for approval. Of course, we can even cancel the offer and end the whole process.

                                                Offers can be filtered according to the user who created it, according to the customer of the status of the order and many other attributes

                                                Connection to the stock, billing or production

                                                If you are selling a good or a product, the Sales module is connected to the Stock and Production. In praxis, it means that in the background, the removal order is created to a given order and the warehouseman prepares the goods. Or that a production order is created for the good in the order that contains the list of the parts which are needed for the production of the good. At the same time, the system watches supplies, reserves material etc.

                                                The whole process of Selling in Odoo is from the communication with the customer, over the offer creation and approval, order conclusion to the connection with modules Stocks, Production, Billing.
                                                Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

                                                What are tradesmen interested in

                                                • When and where does he has an appointment?

                                                • When does he have to call to the customer and when he promised to send an offer?

                                                • How much he sold ?

                                                • In what phase are his opportunities?

                                                • He/she can easily work with the offer, its adjustments, and versions.

                                                • It can be easily checked if his orders are already billed or sent to the client.

                                                Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

                                                What are sales managers interested in

                                                • How many trades are being negotiated right now?

                                                • Which dealer has the highest number of open offers?

                                                • What products are being sold the most?

                                                • Which sales team is the best?

                                                • Which dealer is the best and the most profitable for the company?

                                                Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

                                                What are company owners interested in

                                                • The final value of billing?

                                                • The most relevant products?

                                                • How is the filling of the business plan of individual teams or dealers going?

                                                If you have a different company sales process, it´s ok. We are certificated for the modification of Enterprise edition. We gladly help you to adjust Odoo according to your requirements. As a bonus, you gain our experience and pieces of advice.

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