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Inventory in Odoo

This article follows up on the series of articles about individual modules in Odoo. This one is about Stocks, the description how this module works, what are advantages and disadvantages of it.…

Jana Prošková

Sales in Odoo

Sales Modul belongs to one of the most important modules in Odoo. If you are a company that is selling bread in a bakery, you won´t need it, but you other will need it for sure. Without it, you won´t be able to create an offer...…

Jana Prošková

Invoicing in Odoo

Let´s take a look at the Invoicing module and let´s start using it better. In the combination with Flexibee Bridge, it is a great combo which helps you complete Odoo functionalities.…

Jana Prošková

Projects in Odoo

“Projects” module is one of the most favourite modules in Odoo for the majority of our customers. It is good for everyone, regardless the field the scope of business, the number of employees or the country of action.…

Jana Prošková

Human Resource Management

Do you see the man with the beard on the cover? The lady sitting next to him surely doesn´t show him the benefits overview in Exel or Word. She has namely HR Module from Odoo. It doesn´t matter if it is personal agency, head-hunter or HR department. It is good…

Kristýna Bártová
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