Why is CRM better than Excel?

Because the time is quicker and more demanding...

I am trying to remember the time we ourselves found out that we needed a system. I would say that in that time, the abbreviation CRM was unknown and the connection between system was a swear.
Shortly said, it was a long time ago. 
In that time, we weren´t a huge company, we never sold good and we neither had e-shop nor branches in the whole country and abroad. Despite it, we wanted a system. We wanted the system, where we could write everything, save, record. Something, where everyone could have access even if we would forget to bring your notes and pencil, we would be able to cope.

It´s the same like with the keys from your house. You simply forgot it one day. Then you think who has the spare one, where is it, how far it is and how faster you are able to get to it.
It´s the same as getting information for a meeting that begins in 2 minutes. 

There are some reasons why to switch from Excel to proper CRM:

Speed of access to data

Anytime, anywhere, from any device.

All you need is internet connection which is nowadays almost everywhere. 

Yes, we know that you can save an Excel file on your shared disk from Google and you can get to your data too. But, it is still an Excel sheet which doesn´t know many usable tools and you cannot expect that it gives you a notifications with the address of a meeting.

Data sharing

If you use Google doc, you can work on one file in more people. It´s super, isn´t it?

But the lines running before your eyes and moving columns, then someone deletes something by mistake and during this many other people click and then search for the right version. It´s crazy, istn´t it?

But Google doc are already advanced, but classical Excel doesn´t know even this.  So, if you want to share data (even in the limited rate) with the rest of your team, you need something even more advanced.

In CRM you can limit the visibility of given data, you have everything in one place and with the right authorisation, one deletes you anything. If you get sick, someone else can call the clients and cancel your meetings with an apology. On the other hand, if you keep everything in your .xls file, no one will be able to help you.

Elimination of human mistake

You easily delete a whole Excel, but CRM not. Even if you had a malicious person, you always have the data backup, because this this malicious one must be, for example, business manager, because otherwise, you won´t be able to delete a thing in CRM. 

Other possible mistake is the sending of an email to a person you didn´t want to. Did that happened to you? If you would´ve used Gmail, you could set up, for example, a 30 second interval for the mail return of the email message. Ufff, how many times did I already used it. :-)
In CRM, it is much easier. The client card is the client card. The email is saved there and you cannot mistake it. 

More Functionalities...

In Excel, you won´t send any offer or it won´t remind you of a planned call or meeting. It will be hard to keep the history of communication clean, and principally you won´t see who changed something. 
What will Excel know the same way as CRM? – maybe search. Ctrl + F works there for sure.

Customer care

Woody Alen once said that 80% of the success is to get where you should be. It´s an easy sentence, but not automatic for everyone. Imagine a chaos of the sales team. Let´s say, that in a better case, the whole sales team has one Excel, but they are unable to work there together. How does the work look like? No one write there. Papers, stickers, notes are everywhere you see. If you speak with 50 potential customers every day, you need to save data, make records what you promised and where you should go. On how many customers did you foget? All you have to do is loose a paper by opening a window. What if a customer has to run after you to gain an invoice?

With CRM you prevent those embarrassing situations. You surely know that keeping an existing customer is cheaper than getting a new one, so safe up few grey hair and don´t be in stress if you forgot someone. 

Modern Solution

It´s not true, already for a quite long time, that CRM belongs only into big companies. Everyone can have a CRM, doesn´t matter if you are a tradesman on a small start-up. In the Czech market (if you know a little bit of English, so even in the market abroad) you find many possibilities.

You only have to compare the quality with the price. There is a huge number of your requirements. Everyone once started somewhere and with the development of the business became your requirements clear. 

Collecting and Evaluation of Data

How do you record and evaluate your sales without CRM? Do you know, how many of your products did you sell? For which price did you sell it? Or to whom?
You have basic data for it – you have accepted orders from your customers. But the evaluation is quite the question. 
There´s nothing easier in CRM than to evaluate the best sold products, the result value of billing and other pointers. You don´t want to make commas like during ordering some beer for sure.


Substitutability of Employees

Everyone gets ill or oversleeps. Thanks to the data in one place, the colleague can take care of the customers. Of cause, it´s your client and you don´t want to let someone else talk to it, but sometimes it can happen.

However, an illness or late arrival is the bright side of substitutability. What about the case that you fire someone? You lose „his/hers“ clients? Not in CRM, but maybe with Excel. 

The possibility of connection with other SW

Excel can be imported anytime and almost anywhere, but it is always with the last saved data. Why won´t you use the automatic connection of CRM with other SW? For example, connecting accounting SW with Stocks?
You make your work easier and you move you efficiency to the next step.

Evaluation of sellers' effectiveness

If you have a sales team, you would surely like to know who what and for how much sold, wouldn’t you? You are trying to solve who is the best. Even the seller themselves are interested in this question, they are competitive and they want to be better than the others. 

With CRM, you can evaluate them according to the amount of sales, the margins etc. So why not try it?

Opportunity for upselling and cross selling

If you know who your customer is and what is he buying, you can recommend another product, product supplements that he uses for sure or to sell a higher version of the product, better model... You make him happy because he´ll know that you care. There nothing worse than to buy a monitor and discover that the cable is not part of it.
If you use CRM that this whole makes an advantage  - the competitive advantage.  
If you have correctly set up and functional system, you are compete with your competition only in the quality of the product and in the best customer support.
It won´t happen to you, that you forget to send a package or to call to the customer in the in advanced agreed time. 
In his eyes, you are perfect and unmistakeable.
Take our perceptions with overlook. We don´t wish for you to get sick or fired. We don´t think that you are stupid to delete your contacts from Excel. However, we always think that the bad things never happen to us. They can happen. In CRM, you can prevent those situations, so why soudn´t you use it?  
To tell the truth, nowadays we cannot imagine searching contacts in Excel and create offers somewhere else than in Odoo, to record communication somehow different than to the opportunity and make automatic billing. 

We´re going with time.

Jana Prošková

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