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Odoo hosting is being provided at a high level which can be achieved by self-support only with high costs and a significant amount of concern and care. The fact that we have everything prepared and that we are constantly improving our functions enables you to minimalize the costs of the operation itself and invokes the rate of the comfort of Odoo using. Take a look at how much the below written up services cost and in what quality it is possible for these services to realize on our side by On-premise hosting.

Moreover, you to our hosting, you receive benefits in the form of integrations and enlargements which can be used with Odoo Hosting. 

The matter of service all can be left on us. You just manage Odoo itself. Eventually, you can use our services and solve the application support with the help of our support package which provides you with sufficient service and comfort during the work with Odoo.

About Amazon

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides Odoo on our Cloud. We don´t have to introduce Amazon to you, it is simply one of the greatest and the most modern IT infrastructures around the globe in the field of both, physical and software security. It doesn´t matter if you are facing natural disasters, wide hacker attacks or energy crashes. Amazon is the market leader.

New technologies take care of the smooth operation, ensure a pleasant user impression, the possibility of grow without restrictions and unnecessary innovations because Odoo grows with you. We took care of security, backups, error repairs and constant technological shift forward because we constantly work on the improvement of the Odoo hosting.


Proactive monitoring is based on the server monitoring and on the automatical diagnostics of logs in given instances at the same time. That means that we know what is happening and we can respond adequately. The matter of operation is solved according to the prepaid service.

Update Ensured 

We regularly update your system to the major version. We provide all security actualisations. The same way, OS and infrastructure are being actualised. 

Net Protection

We have set up a very strict net policy which is a great prevention for the case of the web attack. Further, we buy from our provides the services which are protected from DDOS attacks. 

Maintenance Time Shortening 

We know what we do. We have tuned our deploy processes and thanks to it we minimalize the shutdown times by our updates, uploading of customizations and other service interventions. Instances check-up if they were turned on without problems and if not, so you don´t notice a thing.

Automated Certificate Administrator

SSL is for you free and forever on both, our domains or your chosen domains. You don´t have to update and create your deploy certificates.

Automated Administration of Recovery Backup

For the backups, we automatized system, to everything would correspond. We regularly test recovery, so the worry about backup can be let on us. In addition, in the case of need, you can do an offline backup into space which can be downloaded to you, and that can be done for both, data and databases. 


We automatically track the demands of your instances and perform scalability of the performance, discs, and connectivity according to the actual demands*. In the case of overrun of your average values, we notify you and you can respond accordingly. *The use of the service is governed by Fair use policy. Usage beyond Fair use policy is charged according to the agreed price list.

High Availability  

Cluster, in which we run the environment, is independent on the drop-out of physical sources. It doesn´t mean that such a think cannot happen for other reasons but the time odf the drop-out and disruption is minimal. And what more! We always know what a why happened.

Application-Level Security

Not only that you receive an https certificate with our hosting, the system itself is secured. The log-in into Odoo is protected by a unique name and password which you choose. 

In the case of need, you can switch on two-phase access verification or a striker password replacement policy. The level of user´s rights works as the next security level. You choose from one to three levels of rights for every user, so every person sees only what you allow him to see. Mark a user as manager, leader or classical user. There is a variant that a user won´t see the given module at all.  

Our Hosting Benefits


Within our hosting, you have all operational support for free. If you have system problems, update problems – we remove those on our expenses. Within the operational support, we ensure the complete operational of the system and you take care only of the application itself. 

If you´re searching for the user support which helps you with setup or with an actual problem in your Odoo, you can use our support packages. The application support is a complete cover from configurational support, consultations about application setup and user support to the mail and ticket system. The application support is ensured in given SLA regime. Are you interested in application support for Odoo?  Take a look here.

* Orgis IT does not guarantee for the errors in Empire code or Odoo code. We can repair it, but these financial costs are not part of the charge-free support. They are paid by the customer.

Orgis IT Extension

  • Czech translations

  • Models of blank form such as offers, sales orders, purchase orders or delivery slip 

  • The process of the Czech billing legislative parts in the printed matters including (pro form bill, receipt of payment, invoice)

  • POS check, financial statement, reprint, bill copy, the amount on stock in POS, EET for Odoo.

  • Complex or local stock talking, the possibility of searching with the help of EAN codes.

  • and many others

OCA modules

The OCA organization provides many Odoo modules and is accessible to us in our hosting. Just install it.

  • more than 150 extension modules

  • many management and security tools

  • connection to many other SWs

Integration with Our Hosting

If you are still not sure, here are our arguments why to come to us.
The system within our hosting is being the entire time intern extended. Doesn´t matter, if we talk about the improvement or enlargement of functionalities or integration on an extern SW.
 Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns
 Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Touch the Cloud

Odoo hosting in Amazon Cloud 

The fastest way to grow your business. Anytime - anywhere.

Why cannot Orgis help with On-Premise Hosting?

Before, we helped companies with hosting in Odoo system on their own servers. These variations showed up to be far demanding for the overhead of Orgis IT and their knowledge of administration  in companies themselves. There are really significant differences between companies in the matter of price/quality. Some companies would like to have their system on NAS servers on the highest reliability for the cheapest price possible. Other companies wanted their systems on a balanced environment with high availability. Every company at the same time use (or they should use) other technologies for the achievement of their „ideal“ conditions.

A significant amount of situations was created from completely functionless systems on NAS servers and eventually data loss to by our prepared environment in which a really high proficiency and large demand on OPS departments of these companies are needed. Not last our people made over and over Odoo installation in different ways.

OVH, Linode, UpCloud ...

There are also big differencies among „background“ services providing CPU, RAM and disk spaces. Sure, you can find low cost services providing VPS such as OVH, Linode or UpCloud. These services can provide enough CPU for minimal price but they are not backed up with availability guaranteed etc. We can´t take responsibility for such service and guarantee the the smooth and trouble-free operation of Odoo service. The customer must take all of the the risks in case of low cost priority for his solution. Of course, it´s possible to connect servers and provide High Availability solution with balancer , data backups and other services with services mentioned above. But then it is just upgrading of low cost solution which will not be for low cost price anymore. 

Therefore, we have decided to create our perfect environment according to our best knowledge and consciousness and to offer it without following operational claims on the customer. This environment is being moved on for the maximal satisfaction with prepared Odoo hosting in Cloud. Customers get not only the operation of Odoo system itself, but also other services such as proactive monitoring, log analysis, security tracking and mainly continuous upgrade of technical solution are included.

Providing all of these services and upgrades makes the price difference between our hosting and low cost VPS hosting.

Customers who want to work with Odoo on premise, a consultation about operating conditions and their solutions can be offered, however, we don´t provide installation and the management of customer installations. Therefore, the presumption is that the customer is capable of the usage of Odoo on premise with its own course.

Odoo CMS - a big picture
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