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Odoo Support

We all know the great feeling of relieve when you know a more experienced person you can turn to for advice and you don´t have to discover a wheel again.  

From experience with our customers, we know that not every user is after the introductory training able to apply the 100% of gained information into praxis.  

Therefore, we have created the support packages which should make your work with the system lighten as much as possible.  


Operational Support 

Operational support contains the underlying platform management, such as OS, webservers, balancers, monitoring and proactive systems, deposits, certificate recovery and management etc. For your hosting customers is the operational support provided for free. 

This type of support is being provided exclusively in the background of our cloud solution.  Here we are able to take responsibility for the safety and stability of the solution and to have it completely under control. In the past, we came across the problematic of the wide range of customer´s ideas about the price/quality ratio for the services connected with Odoo operation on customer´s servers. The result in the case of on-premise solutions is that the system and operational matters are in the hands of the customer and so it is needed to have people who know how to take care of it. In the case of need, we can provide services related to the administration training for the activities related to Odoo application.

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Application Support

This support contains the work with the Odoo system, such as setup, configurations, training, specialist´s hours on the road and user support.  This support is available for OUR customer and even for on-premise customers. 


We offer the support packages for our hosting and on-premise customers which are distinguished by the number of hours. Order, for example, the introductory package, which contains 8 hours of our services, and try it!

Advantages for our Customers

We have prepared packages for the more advantageous price for our hosting customers. The rate and level of our support is fir the hosting and on-premise customer exactly the same, but the access to the application with administration rights and system logs must be ensured to the on-premise customers.

Which services from the package can be used?

Configuration. Most of our introductory configurations and parameterizations are being processed right during the implementation of the solution. However, the system should be growing together with you. This is the easiest way how to ensure any configuration of the system during its usage. 

Training. It is a substantial part of the implementation of the new system and it shouldn´t be neglected. The user, who never saw the system, can be easily disoriented and then, the fallout of the enthusiasm from the system usage follows by putting data into the system. Use the introductory training which teaches the usage of the user background and basic logic of the system. Then, more difficult functions follow and eventually a newly developed functionality

User Support  contains services which should make the migration to the new system much easier for every user. Specialists will be available for you who take sure that you have someone you can turn to in the case of need. 

Specialist´s time on the road is used in the case of onsite presence. From the package support, the number of hours will be deducted that the specialists spend on the road to you. The starting point is the office in Pilsen.

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The "Professional" package contains 50 hours of our support services. You can use it for the Odoo training or for the help with the basic system configuration. 

Or, you can use it for the user support for you and your employees.

* We recommend this package for every new customer. It will be offered by our consultants for sure. It is a suitable package for your start.

Ticket System

We have created a user portal with the build-in ticket system for the most comfortable usage of our system. 

What is the procedure?

You choose the support package according to the number of hours you want to use. The basic possibilities are Starter, Advance, Professional, and Master Package. You choose the method of payment (online or bank transfer). After paying the chosen amount, the service will be prepaid and your account in the user portal will be established. Choose a passport and fill missing information in your profile.

In the portal, you find the overview of your orders, invoices, the number of hours available from your support package, entered tickets, history of actions which were made in your tickets.

The advantage is that you can make available the ticket system for your employees. You only have to fill the „Sub-user“ folder. You can add an arbitrary amount of users which you want to create the access to the prepaid services.

Where can we buy the support package?

If you have access to the portal, you can order our packages in the „Service“ folder.

The other possibility is to address our sales representative who will order the package for you.

Imports containing a smaller amount of simple data can be transferred with the help of importers which are directly in Odoo. Our consultant will help you with it. The consultations are not part of the package support, please turn to our sales representative or  send us a message  and we order the service for you.

If your data are structured more complex, and/or you have a large amount of data, it would be better to order a migration. This service is not part of the support packages. Please turn to our sales representative or send us a message and we order the service for you.

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