Pilsner PYVO

or the Meeting of Python Programmers with Beer

I have to say that this was more than just a hilarious event. Facebook invitations were evidently successful and instead of 20 confirmed people came around 60. We met on 10 January in Beer Factory at half past six in the evening.
We didn´t start right on tome because of the search for free chairs and after we found them, we searched for a place for the beer or another place to sit. It was a kind of supersaturated solution of male and female Python programmers in a few square meters.

Hi, I am Kristýna. ..

At the beginning, we all introduced, told everybody where we came from and then came a tricky question about their dearest technology. There we two Kristynas, many men with name Tomáš, Petr and Jan and there weren´t Python programmers just from Pilsen and surrounding, but some colleagues from Brno and Prague came to visit us too.

Concerning the dearest technologies, except of PHP programmer(?) (who found himself in this Python programmer meeting by mistake or was it just pure and simple slip of the tongue from nervousness) there were heard terms/names such as Bash, Docer, SQL, Ruby and there was even a joke: „everything except Java“.

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Virtualenv and Google App Engine

It wasn´t just some local union. There was an educational part which contained two lectures – first for beginners, second for advanced.

Tomáš Bedřich prepared for us Virtualenv – what it is and how it works and Filip Vaculík tough us about Google App Engine and how to run python applications on it.

Both had success with their presentations and lots of queries, so both presentations passed smoothly into the discussion.

Lightning talks, 5-minute-long talk on topic very candidate chose, went after every lecture. Yesterday, one of those topics was Python community in the Czech Republic, which shields the Pyvec.cz company.
The other topic was about Python Conference PyCon which takes place this summer, so if you want to get involved, just sign up as a volunteer to help with arranging and or lectures.

Impressions from Meeting ...

There was something to eat, everyone ordered some good food and mainy, there were people to talk to. We met many great and sympathetic people who had many things to tell. We´re looking forward to the next Pyvo. Good luck to Python!

Pyvo #1

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There was great bunch of people, come with us next time :) 

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