14.3.2018, Beer Factory, Dominikánská Street 13/8, Pilsen


Pyvo takes place in Beer Factory, Dominikánská Street, and the same place as last time, where the whole basement of the restaurant is being booked for all Pythonists / Python users. At 18:00 we are meeting Filip right in Beer club (this name is really important! Filip Vaculík is the organizer of the Pyvo in Pilsen and we are thanking him this way for help, willingness, and energy that he gives in Pyvo and for Python community!). Some of the Python users who wanted beer already took places for them and their colleagues – there are some occupied chairs for Orgis too – the topics that are being solved right now are the establishment of the space and the preparation of technical background.


We have found the sufficient number of chairs, everyone is sitting, everyone, except the first lecturer, our colleague from Orgis IT – Honza Šmejkal. His lecture holds the topic Decorators – the amusing secret fills up the next 30 minutes and everyone figures for what is good using the decorators, where are the difficulties, what to take care of during their creation and, on the other hand, what to avoid in their usage. Then Q&A follows and Honza is taking his place among us, people of Orgis, during the applause.


IPython is an interesting feature which allows you to enrich the basic command line about auxiliary functions for Python developers, as we discovered from Filip Vaculík – the author of the second lecture. It is suitable especially for a quicker development of auxiliary functionalities, for example, it allows repeated start and editing of whole blocks of code. We in Orgis use its offshoot Jupyter Notebook, so thumb up for the choice of topic.

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Decorators – Free of Secrets

 A decorator is being called a function or a class which expands of changes a function of another class or function. It is used in the places where you don´t want to change the functionality of the original function, but you want the function/class of the given name to act differently.

IPython – Mighty Helper, You May Have at Home

The draught into the secrets of the advanced function of the interactive shell. Work with blocks of code, initiatory scripts, scripty, %magic, !escape commands, ...

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Lightning talks

After the lecture section is a short break which most of us uses for a chat with a friend from Pilsen and neighbourhood. I meet with Libuška Poustková who has the first 5-minute talk on the topic PyLadies in Pilsen. She hands down her experiences from a course in Prague with PyLadies she passed and is charmed about it – I surely will sign up too!

Do you know someone who would like to learn Python? This course starts this autumn, so spread the nests and let know every woman, miss and girl around you that they have the possibility to learn to programme in Python :)

The next talk has the topic PyCon Prague 2018. Tomáš Bedřich invites everyone to a meeting of the Python Community which takes place every year and its aim is to associate every Python enthusiasts who are only learning to use it, but professionals in the field too. You can find more about this event here.

Pavel König closes this part of this news with his topic: Startup Weekend Plzeň. It is going to take place in October. You can find there tips and tricks on the topic: How to create a company and how not to let yourself be discouraged by every trap you may meet at the beginning of your business. You can find more information on DEPO2015 pages, where this event takes place.

    > 20:30

    Free evening and planning for the next Community events.

          Short Summary of the Evening

          The get together was very nice again, this time we had a much better organisation – we had enough chairs and less decency between participants. People integrated more and didn´t stay in their groups, so the Python Community in Pilsen is properly associating! Wish to have more of these events :)

          Next PYVO?

          If you don´t want to miss the next Pilsen Pyvo which takes place every second Wednesday every odd month, notes these dates:

          • 9. 5. 2018

          • 11. 7. 2018

          • 12. 9. 2018

          If you are interested in this event let us know. We have close friend between organizers, so if you want to be a speaker or you want to just visit – let us know and we will connect you with right people.

          Kristýna Bártová

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