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Everyone is moving in a different group of people. Sportsmen, bricklayers or smokers, people from Pilsen, people from Prague…everyone is using some kind of language. But we are from IT field. Sometimes people don´t understand us just like we don´t understand people from Brno…Therefore we made this short term dictionary…

Jana Prošková


We won´t let you down. Are you clueless about account setup? Or are your employees unable to unable to find the way around Stock module? Training, support, and configuration. Use our prepaid services in the form of our support packages.…

Kristýna Bártová

Odoo hosting

Why does the Orgis IT Hosting pay off? Except for all benefits which are waiting for you with our hosting, the worry about your server, its administration, actualisations, in particular, drops off: we are hosting by Amazon. Join us!…

Kristýna Bártová

Tak jde čas

Rok 2017 byl pro nás hodně zajímavý, rozrostl se nám tým programátorů, získali jsme zajímavé zakázky, ale taky jsme se poučili z chyb a upravili firemní procesy.... Pojďte se s námi podívat na shrnutí našeho roku 2017.…

Jana Prošková

Pilsner PYVO

We greet every West Bohemian promoter of Python! That's exactly how the beginning of the first Pilsner “Pyvo” (Python + Pivo which mean beer). We had lectures; we discussed, got to know each other and drank beer.…

Kristýna Bártová

Girls from Orgis IT were on #SWCSummit

Start-up World Cup & Summit in Prague – the biggest start-up action in the Czech Republic. Lucerna was overloaded with people. It was similar to the audience on an AC/DC concert and we could not miss the chance to be there!…

Jana Prošková

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