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Does it happen to you too that someone doesn´t understand you?

You find here basic abbreviations and words we use and term right from Odoo which you can come up with. Do not compare our explanation of the terms with the dictionary of foreign word or Wikipedia  ;-)

ERP    Enterprise resource planning
It is a system that helps you to lead a company. In our case, it is Odoo.
CRM    Customer relationship management
Those are programs that help you to focus on the long-term relationship with your customers, so you wouldn´t forget to call in the given time, create an offer or come to an appointment.
DMS     Document management system
It is a system for the company document management. You don´t have to solve problems with document versions if the document has your colleague on holiday etc. All documents are available for everyone anytime and anywhere.
IS    Information system
Information system. It is a SW that helps you with the collecting and disseminating of information, so you could better plan and manage your company.  
It is a task for developer. Every customer´s wish is divided into individual tasks which are clearly established assignment for programmers. It can be, for example, the creation of a template of the invoice or addition of a field into a form. 
According to the definition of task, the subtask is the smaller part of it. That means: if the task is a creation of a document template, the subtask can be the specification of the numerical series of the document.
DB        Database
Database it a system of documents, in your conception, it can be, for example, the contact database. 
SaaS        Software as a Service
It is a software that is being operated by the provider on its equipment. In our case, it is Odoo.
URL        Uniform Resource Locator
URL is being used as the exact identification on the internet. It´s made of several levels of domains. By us, you meet URL during the hosting ordering, where you set up your own URL. It is an address through which you get to your Odoo. For example https://example..odoois.com
Usually, it is a short, quick race, in our version, it means the time period for programming. We plan sprints in the length of 14 days and within a project, we plan at least 2 sprints in advance. The customer and we have an idea, what is the workload for several upcoming weeks.
Bug is simply a mistake. It means that the programmer made somewhere mistake. It can be a typing error or untreated situation that can occur.
It is a method how to get to emails. IMAP allows you the access to emails from anywhere and anytime, emails are neither downloaded, not saved.  
Compared to IMAP, this method works on the principle that emails are being downloaded into your device. After are the emails downloaded, they disappear from your email client.
SSL        Secure Sockets Layer
It´s a security certificate which allows you safer communication on the internet.
PoS         Point of sale
Simpler said it is a cash register like in any other store. In Odoo, it´s a separate module with the connection to a printer and a card reader. With this, you can sell croissants, clothes or lemonades.

BOM        Bill of material
We meet this term in the stock housekeeping. The bill of material is a list of components which are needed for the creation of a complete product. For example, a table is consist of 4 legs, a table top, 8 strews and 8 nuts. 

FIFO        First In Fist Out
It is a method of inventory management. You can imagine it as a queue at the cash desk. Who comes first, will get the service as first.

LIFO        Last In First Out
Just like FIFO, it is a method of inventory management with inverse logic.

FEFO         First Expired First Out
This method is mostly used in food processing industry. 
How to explain this… Simply said, it is something that helps you print .pdf files from web :-)
In our conception, it is a template of a document. For example, it can be an invoice a stock receipt/export, or an offer or order template.

It is the part of the web that is visible and available for a regular customer.  
It is the part of the web which serves to the administration of web sites. In other works, you customer doesn´t see it. 

Put to work
It meant that we can test everything we programmed so far. After the test, it can go into production.

It is a test environment of our client. Let´s say it is a demo version of the system, where the mistakes are not a problem. On the other hand, we debug everything according to the client´s wishes. When is everything ok, we set the product into the production.

A production is for us the product environment, which means that what the client is really using. To prevent bugs, the first step is to put the product on the test. After all tests, the product goes into production. 
B2B    Business to Business
It is a business relationship between two businesses.

B2C    Business to Customer

It is a business relationship between a business and the final customer.

Those are defined rules, how the goods are moving between stock. For example, all purchased products go in the stock A, then they go into the quality control and then in their final location. 
It is about the following steps within a process.  An example can be a selling workflow where are the inquiry-offer-order in this order. 
MRP    Material Requirements Planning
It is a system for the production planning.

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