We started ERP SW as a Service!

From great idea to realization ...

In the beginning, it was nice to find out, what SaaS was. Do you even know what it means to run SW as a service? On Google, you can find SW as a service (SaaS). Simply said, it is the running of a SW on a provider´s servers.  More information about this kind of service is available on Wikipedia. Don´t you like Wiki as a relevant source? Try Technopedia.

How did this all start?

We pursue Odoo for some time already and creating manually new installation for Odoo wan no fun at all. In our company in general, we don´t like wasting time. We like to move forward and to see a job done. So, in the beginning, we had an idea of a web which would be user-friendly, could do everything fast enough, could make everything with a few clicks (such as a quick order in any e-shop), to pay by a credit card and voila, Odoo would work alone. It´s easy, isn´t it?

Well, not quite. What we're gonna talk about, from this beautiful idea to realization was a long way.
Do you want to know the process we had to go through? For example, how to verify the accuracy of billing information which users inter into the system, or how to set up notifications sufficiently so the users wouldn’t flood in it but, on the other hand, their services weren´t unnecessarily expired? How to determine, what Tax mode will be on invoices? How to watch deadlines and mainly how to prepare everything so it would work alone, automatically and fast enough?

      Do you want to know what process you would have to go through before?


      • You had to call to the Orgis IT representative and found out about the hosting possibilities;

      • You had to wait for the price offer;

      • You had to accept the price offer;

      • You had to wait for the draft of the contract;

      • accept and sign it;

      • You had to wait for the invoice;

      • and pay it and wait for the receipt of payment;

      than you just waited 48 hours for the Odoo installation to start working.


      • Anytime and anywhere, you can choose the Odoo edition and billing mode on our web;

      • Fill up the billing information and URL of your new instance;

      • You approve T&Cs and privacy policy;

      • Pay online on our web.

                                         This is just to create an idea of what kind of change it was for us and you.
                                        Like photos before and after on Instagram, our AFTER is now leaner and more smiley.
                                        Do you want more advantages?
                                        You have your own user portal, so you always find your invoices and orders.
                                        You can buy support pack, together with Odoo hosting, and user  support.
                                        You can cancel the service anytime.
                                        You can use unlimited advantages of  hosting Orgis IT.
                                        Your Odoo is protected by a security certificate.
                                        With the Support pack, a ticket portal for the reporting of errors or just for communication with us is avaiable to you
                                        Let´s try our thinner ME and start with us our novelties.

                                        Jana Prošková

                                        Give us your phone number and we will call you back.