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Odoo Studio using

Odoo studio Odoo studio is a feature which allows Odoo users to do changes in the system without changes of source code itself so small amount of money can be saved when changes are not made in code. It sounds like a good feature, but it´s recommended to use it…

Karel Kalista

Odoo Migration

Process of migration to newer version of Odoo ... Our process allows to migrate Odoo from older to newer versions of Odoo while current data are kept. It´s possible to migrate Odoo to any of newer versions but the migration must be done for each version in the chain of…

Karel Kalista

Data Import

In this Odoo series, we give you instructions on how to do data import in Odoo. The amount of 50 files is ok, but what can you do with hundreds of lines of data which you need to transfer from the old system to the new one or how can…

Ondřej Kolman

Odoo mailing

Emails in Odoo are not a simple matter. Many of you found this fact already out during their settings. However, for those who are preparing for this, we would like to point out a few good tips and advice how to proceed and to tell you how actually Odoo mailing…

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