Data Import

Good to know...

You can import contacts, orders, supplier pricelists, selling pricelists, bank statements, products, and many others, but before you begin, make sure that:

  • the resulting file to the import is the format .csv (comma separated value)

  • the resulting file is saved in unicode 8 (ITF-8) pro the right name coding

  • if you import dates, the format is YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS

  The importer is not suitable for the import of the higher amount of data (for more than 1000 lines), for such an import, you need to choose a more suitable way of import.

Data preparation

With import, you can fill every field that can be filled manually; however, some types of fields (especially relational field) causes the lack of clarity of the result document and complicate the whole import process.

If you need to import a coupling field, we recommend you to split those imports into several steps. For updates, you can use an extern ID.

Extern ID

For the import purpose, the extern ID works as a record identifier from an unfamiliar system.  

With the help of an extern ID, the records can be updated. If the extern ID is not set during import, the system automatically assigns its own generated extern ID. For the extern ID, any sign of the English alphabet, number, underscore, minus sigh and space can be used (we recommend to switch from space to underscore).

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    Product and variations Import

    Before the import itself, you need to establish all attributes (color, size, ext.) and their values (black, yellow, S, M, XL, ...). To this, you can use import.
    Make the product and variation import in the product tab.

    Example structure:
    id - extern ID for a product card
    Name - the mane of the product 
    Type - a type of the product (possible variations are a product, consumable, service)
    Internal reference - internal marking of the product card 
    Internal Category - internal category of the product 
    Sale Price - base price
    Cost - purchase price
    Product Attributes / Attribute - attribute for the creation of product variations 
    Product Attributes / Attribute Values - attribute values
    Products / Reference - variant intern reference of the product variantion
    Products / Barcode - bar code
    Products / Attributes - the value of the attribute for the given variation
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                  Picture import

                  For the picture import to the products, you need to invert pictures into BASE64 and put them directly into the csv file. Therefore it is better to choose a more suitable way, for example, API import.

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                  Odoo IMPORT

                  Make sure that you are in the list view mode.

                    If you don´t see the import button after switching into the view mode, you don´t own the right got the given model, or the data import is forbidden. 

                  Click on the IMPORT button and upload the given file.
                  Click on  "CSV Format Options" can set the coding of the content and value separator.

                   Make sure that all attributes of the file are set on the right value. If you don´t want to import a given attribute, set „don´t import“ with the cross.

                  Before the import itself, we recommend you to make the data validation.  If the data is ok, you can import them with the import button.

                  Data inconsistency or wrong values are marked by an error message.

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