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Odoo studio is a feature which allows Odoo users to do changes in the system without changes of source code itself so small amount of money can be saved when changes are not made in code. It sounds like a good feature, but it´s recommended to use it only in cases where following conditions are met:

  • Small changes are done (adding fields, reports)

  • Perfect change log and documentation is made for each change done in Odoo studio

  • No other customizations are planned in the future (changes in source code is complicated after using of Odoo studio)

Changes made via Odoo studio are not saved into code itself but only to the Odoo database.

So it can cause a lot of problems with future code development where the programmers can´t see these changes and many errors and strange behavior of the system can app.
      Even if much more complicated changes can be done with Odoo studio, it´s not recommended to use it in production environment. It is a handy tool on testing environment where first design is made (even by non-programmers) and it can be used as a a good start for programmers to create this functionality as a code customization for production environment afterwards.

              • Changes are saved only to database (not visible in the source code)

              • It can be difficult to do programmer modifications of Odoo parts already changed in Odoo studio

              • It can cause much higher cost price of code customizations in the end

              • Unqualified usage of Odoo studio can cause errors and slowing the system

              We recommend Odoo studio to those customers who wants only to edit some fields and views and don´t plan to do future updates in the code.
              Code customizations are recommended in all other case.

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