Business intelligence & reporting

Is your company growing and the number of your employees increasing? Isn´t the document circulation just the best or are your employees working with different versions of data which leads to divergences and confusion in the normal run of your company? Don´t employees have the access to the data and information? Or do they have the access to the parts you don´t want them to have?

The primary solution is a perfect information system with a complete ERP system, or just document oriented DMS. However, the basis of everything is an efficient work with data and an ability to evaluate and to use them.

Business intelligence

It is possible to understand Business Intelligence as a complex and efficient access to the work with company’s data which influence strategic decisions and future advancing of your company. The singularity and the competitiveness of your company lie in the ability of the efficient usage of the data, to change them in an instrument that will make your reaction quicker in the changing requirements of the market and your costumers. 

The basic of Business Intelligence is the work with data, so called Intelligence Value Chain. The first step in this chain is so called data mining, then cleaning of raw data, organisation, integration, transformation into a usable form, their analysis and consequential processing in the representation of notes and reports. BI is more than just business reporting. It is a series of instruments with which companies gain already processed data that are human legible and you can mine them just with a few clicks.

Business Intelligence tools 

Business Intelligence tools already helped hundreds of companies to make their processes more efficient, to discover gaps in the control of the company and especially to deport in the ROI entry (return of investment) incredible numbers.

BI tools we use:

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Datawarehouse & Big Data

So, Business Intelligence collects and processes data. Analytical possibilities represent a certain superstructure which makes a prediction, modelling, simulation, and detection of hidden contexts possible and it helps you to better understand the company needs on the market you are working.

We provide full-service data warehouse services to consolidate a variety of data for reporting and analysis. We can create configurations, dashboards, diagrams, chart – generally to visualise data. Those results provide your employees and managers with the possibilities mentioned above, how to treat and use gained information.

There´s nothing simpler than to arrange a consolation with our consultant and to find out more about how can you more efficiently run and nurse your company. Then it is up to your needs and our analysts to create an analysis and suggest a suitable solution for you. 

    We provide full-service data warehouse services to consolidate a variety of data for reporting and analysis:

    • Design data warehouse & data lakes.

    • Data mart and dashboard development.

    • Data quality consulting.

    • Complex Data Integration

    • Customer and Supply Chain Analysis

    • Master Data Management

    • Big Data Engineering and Design

    We can help companies understand their brand, reputation, competitors, and the market in a way that’s never been possible before. We have the experience to help you find the right analytic and reporting solution for your needs
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