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ODOO – ERP System

You've certainly heard about Odoo. It is a Belgian open source ERP. All-in-one system that covers the full range of your business needs. 

Online CRM, sales, purchase, warehouse system, HR and employee management, fleet, e-commerce and websites, MRP, POS ... All this and even more with Odoo system. As the Odoo partner can offer Odoo Cloud, tailored development and customization.

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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence can be understood as a comprehensive and effective approach to data handling. Uniqueness of your business lies in the ability to use this data effectively.
We process and analyze your data, create clear reports and statistics to help you grow and make the best strategic decisions.

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The GDPR is the new legislation on the General Regulation on the protection of personal data that will significantly impact the data processing.

GDPR enters into force on 25th May 2018. By this time, all those covered by the regulation must revise their information systems and personal data handling practices. 
Are you ready for GDPR?

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Information systems

Information system helps you manage your business process

Udělejte si pořádek v dokumentech díky DMS systému od Alfresco. CRM systém poslouží jako pomocník pro správu obchodních kontaktů. Nebo byste rádi komplexní řešení? Využijte ERP systém jako nástroj pro efektivní řízení celého podniku.

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Vývoj software & Pronájem specialistů

Máte specifické požadavky na software? Výjimečné procesy ve firmě? Víte přesně, co potřebujete a nechcete zvolit software jako desítky dalších firem?

Nedělejte kompromisy. Vývoj na míru je dnes velmi využívaná služba. Zajistíme vývoj i pronájem specialisty. Projektový manažer, programátor, tester nebo analytik, rádi se s vámi podělíme o naše know-how.

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Consultation & Training

Mistakes have a price, but not everyone. Not everyone who sails to India will discover America.
You don´t know what to do? Don´t worry!

Our consultants have experiences, meet the everyday problems of companies and find solution to them. 
As for training, we train as well as your mum coocks.

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About us

Our motivation

We are a Czech company that is engaged in the implementation and development of modern technologies. Our main strengths are sense of purpose, carefulness and innovativness. Thanks to these properties and a great team of people, we have become the only certified partner of the Odoo ERPsystem in the Czech Republic.

Who we are?

We are a Czech company that is engaged in the implementation and development of modern technologies. Our main strengths are focus, diligence and innovation. Thanks to these features and a great team of people, we have become the only certified partner of the Odoo ERP system in the Czech Republic.

We are not afraid of challenges because our motto says: "He that is afraid of wounds, must not come near a battle." We provide our clients with             a solution that builds a long-term personal relationship and satisfaction.

We deal with implementation of information systems, specialists body shopping, consultations and other services, which you can find in our portfolio. We cooperate not only with Czech clients but also with foreign companies that need professional conduct and communication.

Our story

Our company - Orgis IT - was founded in 2009. We started as a company that cared for smaller customers and companies for which we have outsourced ICT services and server and cloud solutions. The order was more than enough, so we teamed up with new colleagues and expanded our portfolio of web application and web hosting services.

It was not enough. We wanted more :) Thanks to our diligence and purposefulness, we have come to modern technologies. Two years from the launch of Orgis IT, we have gradually moved to more demanding technologies, such as information systems (mainly Odoo) and business intelligence, from creating web applications, web hosting, ICT outsourcing and server solutions. Of course, additional services such as consulting, training and hiring specialists.

From the Czech sandpark we reached the sandy beach - we opened the door to foreign customers. So we're here. Ready to fulfill your wishes, recommend you the best solution for your company and show you the right direction. We have experience and ambition.

In 2014, for practical reasons, UNIOSO s.r.o. was established, but we take great care to ensure that our approach to clients still retains our personal character and you can still find us under the brand name Orgis IT. Our company continues to develop, recruit new colleagues and looking for new opportunities.

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